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Conpago is a cloud-based digital customer management system that brings Retirement Operators communication, customer support, rostering and other business administration together into one place.

Conpago is based in Brisbane but services Retirement Providers from WA, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD. These providers are using Conpago’s all-in-one software solution that not only reduces social isolation but also elevates client satisfaction by providing residents (and potentially even their families) with a window into the facilities and ongoing activities within their village. The platform serves as a valuable communication hub, repository for media and village related news but also as an emergency broadcast tool when needed, ensuring safety and well-being for all residents. 

The conpago value proposition is distilled into the following benefits for Retirement Operators:

  • Engage your customers with personalised digital content and a newsfeed
  • Transform your customer experience and drive up engagement
  • Give customers and their loved ones total visibility over activities and the social aspects of your village. 

Empower them to self-serve from the palm of their hand, giving back choice and control while reducing your interruptions and administrative costs.

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